What are you most grateful for?

Beyond the caudillo questions (name, born/raised, Zodiac Sign) there are a number of things you can find out about a boy you’re having a conversation with if he’s there looking for a relationship or just wanting to make fresh friends. Below are 50 questions or topics you can discussed with single guys whether he’s seeking a fucking partner or friendship for life. You don’t have to ask them verbatim or use any of them at all but if you’re not a talker or don’t know what you can talk about or could you some extra topics, thesis questions might help.

1. What do you find physically attractive on a man, why?

Two. Are you looking for a future relationship or just friendship and if so why)?

Three. Want to you want to get out of a relationship?

Four. How would you describe yourself ter three words?

Five. If you could go anywhere te the world where would you go and why?

6. What non-material things would you bring to the table te a relationship?

7. Would you date someone without a car, why or why not?

8. Are you a morning person or night and what happens when the opposite happens?

9. What’s the best thing that has toebijten to you so far te life?

Ten. What’s better than hookup and why?

11. Are you more out-going or more of a homebody and what do you do with either?

12. How is this year going for you?

13. Are you a romantic and if so how are you romantic?

14. What makes you glad?

15. What if any are you working on for self improvement?

16. What do you think is the most significant thing te a relationship?

17. What’s the best thing about being you?

Legitimate. If you were given a million dollars what should you do with it?

Nineteen. How would a fucking partner/fresh friend add to you life?

20. What qualities do you look for ter a playmate/fresh friend?

21. Do you have plans for the summer (vacation)?

22. If there wasgoed a genie granting you three wishes right now what would they be?

23. Ter you private life what person if any do you most admire and why?

24. What celebrity/politician/sports athlete do you most admire?

25. What celebrity/politician/sports athlete do you find sexy?

26. Spil an adult what is the hardest lesson you’ ve learned ter a relationship/friendship?

27. Is it stiffer for you to forgive someone or leave behind or both and why?

28. What would life be like with you if wij became fucking partners/friends?

29. Do you have any pet peeves that you’re working on or need to work on?

30. Have you everzwijn come out to anyone, who, why and how?

31. If you’re one of the good guys out here what makes you that good man dudes are looking for?

32. What’s the best part about being you, the hardest?

33. Do you have any person or professional brief or long term goals and if so what are they?

34. What’s the hardest part of being a SGL /Gay Man of Color?

35. What strengths do you look for ter a man spil a fucking partner/stranger?

36. If you could sleep with a celebrity/politician/sports athlete, who and why?

37. Why do you think you’re alone today if you want to be ter a relationship?

38. If you were a dessert/sweet what one would you be and why?

39. Do you believe ter boundaries for relationships spil playmates or friends and if so what are they?

40. What’s the best thing about being te your age range?

41. What would you want to do on a very first date?

42. What would make this event better?

43. Do you think hook-up is over-rated and if so why do you think that and if not how would you rate it?

44. Do you date, where do you go, who pays for the meal?

45. What’s significant to you te life and why?

46. What are you most grateful for?

47. Do you think age is nothing but a number who that it doesn’t matter ter a relationship/friendship and why?

48. Why aren ’t your single (more of your single) friends at this event?

49. What are you expecting to come away with today?

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