Maybe both are rich.

Would you date a man who is overheen 40 years old

who’s still living at huis with his mother.?

Most likely a woman overheen forty years old who lives with hier mother would. The problem is usually that ter what possible circumstances could they meet. They would most likely have little confidence and wouldn’t have an active social life. There is a fucking partner out there for everyone. Whether you meet that person or not depends on your thinking and what you’re ready to do to find that person. It’s a violent world out there, but if you indeed want something, the only thing that stands ter your way is you. Go out there and make life toebijten. Sitting back and wishing won’t do it. One has to be proactive te life. Ter conclusion, most people would not date this 40 year old, but that has nothing to do with their value spil a human being. LIke I said there is a fucking partner for everyone, wij’re all different.

Scary spil heck! No I would not date a man with apron strings so tightly around his mommy that he has no left huis.

I agree, it is very scary. To mij, its like raising another kid. I think most guys are afraid of being out on their own. They find it lighter to just lounge off others.

I totally agree with your answered, he is no man , he is a big kid.

i wouldn’t date any man but just say it wasgoed a woman you were asking about then it would depend on why she lived with hier mom.

Well, I undoubtedly wouldn’t date a woman who makes superficial judgements about someone without knowing anything about them.

It all depends — is he there because he just hasn’t had the gumption to budge out? Lost his job and financially didn’t have any other choice? Mother needed daily supervision?

depends. oops i meant depends? is he ter adult diapers or still the infant ones? joking .indeed. ter fact sorry i couldnt pass on it. gravely, circumstances especially now days have to be considered(economy) i say get the entire story,background, leading up to,then make an informed decision. sorry so long. b-easy

No! No! No! If a man cant learn to live on his own and take care of himself by the time he is 40 – he could never take care of a wifey or family of his own.

You are so right. 40 or older is a massive crimson flag. Something is not right.

A friend of mine,doctor,specialist ter internal medicine, is taking care of his mother and they live together.

He is divorced and he doesnt want to send his mother to the old people huis.He is paying a nurse to help him.

I know that ter the USA, and many other counties, it is common to send old parents to Huis for retired people.And work and work and work. Where the money is most significant,parents,children and other people are behind the money.

People are different.

So are the priorities.

He is overheen 40,very zuigeling,sensitive person.

He respects his mom.And takes care of hier.

I believe that a woman who doesnt want to be with him just because of his mom is a vary bad woman.Te every sense.

Very likely not. No, I wouldn’t. My old instructor wasgoed around 40 and lives with his mom, and has never moved out, scary dude.

How are you and how is your health,

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Yes I would, ter this economy wij all have to make sacrifiices, plus she most likely apprecated the company and care you are able to give hier.

How are you and how is your health,

My name is janice jacob i want to establish good and

fair partnership with you. please voeling mij through

It’s most likely his vocation/calling to take care of his mother. If not, well. unless the woman truly loves him and wants to &quot,mother&quot, him, then she should date him. 🙂

And especially if he’d never left huis.

I already do. Well, I’m not technically his mother, but sometimes I might spil well be Spil far spil hypothetically, I guess it would depend on how strong the connection is inbetween us (or how adorable he is. hehe).

The traditional family dynamic has bot shattered for several generations. My mother is ter hier mid 70’s. If she needed mij, I would stir hier ter with mij without a blink of an eye. Reminisce the old rule, &quot,Do not judge someone until you have walked a mile or so te their footwear. &quot,

I always thought I would be blessed, like &quot,Lady and the Tramp&quot, came from a good family and dated tramps. umm you know, that do nothings are just spil mean spil studs who accomplish things te life, and after the honeymoon phase wears off, a woman needs a man who challenges himself, and others, who has goals and wishes, not some one who is content with Family Stud and mannetjesvarken every night till he dies. I’ve bot there. NEVA AGAIN.

no, but that is because I am straight

Depends on his reasons for doing so. He might be unemployed, te which case he’s a loser. The living with his mother is just incidental. However, he might be living with his mother because she is ill or otherwise incapable to care for herself. Te this case, he’s sacrificing his own wants to ensure for the wellbeing of the woman who raised him, displaying the utmost ter compassion. This should be recognized.

It depends why he is living there. Does he take care of his mother? Does he have a job? Has he everzwijn lived on his own but then due to circumstances had to budge huis? Does he have his own space or is the house too petite for him to conveniently have his own life?

I moved into the basement apartment of my parent’s house at the age of 40 when I got divorced. This wasgoed to stay close to my son who wasgoed 11 at the time. A year after he graduated from high schoolgebouw and wasgoed off to collegium, I bought a house te another town and got remarried.

Longhunter your situation is different, it wasgoed makeshift, some guys NEVER leave, it becomes a convenience zone. Mom doing the cooking, laundry, why leave? This stud i dated has never lived on his own, not working, and he has a six year old son living.

I don’t know, I guess if he wasgoed still at huis because he wasgoed looking after a sick or disabled mother then that would mean he wasgoed a wonderful man. If he wasgoed still living at huis because he wasgoed too cheap or lazy to budge out then that would be another matter.

I am living with my parents, I went through a divorce, I rather give my money towards my kids, I help my parents, they asked mij to stir ter with them. So why does a man live with his parents could be because of a plethora of reasons.

I think it happens due to his family circumstances. I normally do online dating here and come with this type of questions many times it may happened.

Ah, you’ve met my ex. only this time he’s lounging about his age! He got older however! Lol. No way. Avoid all fellows who are overheen 25 and still living at huis with mummy. Any support you need you will not receive. my ex had no concept of bills, of running a house, of shopping decently, or of raising a child.

no, certainly not.

Does he look like Johnny Depp? If so, that’s a definite – Yes.

no .. period .. sorry for being too fair but not unless the house is wielded by him and his mom is the one living with him and he is helping to support hier due to old age and illness, there is no way i will be interested ter a grown man who still depends on his folks.

no, undoubtedly not? It all depends from personality and the person. Maybe both are rich.

Two. He should get out there and get a job, or get at least a house of his own! Imagine how embarrassing it would be to have the mother walk te on you two!

I’m a woman who is dating a 28 years old man who is a online date scams to women. He thinks women are to stupid because they believe all his lies he tells them.

It would depend on the content of his character. I am 40 years old living with my mother. She is my best friend. I am disabled and don’t know what I would do without hier. Wij take care of each other and are always there. If a man lived with his mom – providing he is a good man – it would not be an punt.

Yes it is the best thing that can toebijten to someone. Zometeen , if things work out for good. He will budge te with you. For sure , you are not taking him from someone else. Or you can budge with him and his mother too. If you like him a lotsbestemming.

I dated a man 42 who live at huis with his mom. I didn’t know at very first. He told mij his grandmother had died and left him the house, and he wasgoed living there with his son. I found out zometeen he had told all his lady friends this. The huis is his mom’s. He’s bot living there with hier since grade schoolgebouw, he never lived on his own. He liedje about working, he don’t. His mom works everyday, but he stays huis with his son playing on FB, and his ipad cheering women online about how beautiful they are. The stud wasgoed a loser and I’m so glad I got away. He has no shame letting his mom walk out that om everyday and he just sits there. He never had money, he wasgoed just a man who dreamed everyone to feel sorry for him. I would still date a boy who lives at huis, ONLY if he’s working and maintaining, or caring for a sick relative. This man wasgoed just a lazy bum.

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