Temptation Technologies of the Alpha Masculine

My name is Carlos Xuma, the creator of the &quot,Alpha Man&quot, programs and dating abilities training for fellows.

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&quot,Killer Very first Date&quot, Crash Course.

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My ordinary 11-step method for creating a KILLER very first date with a woman.

Why you can’t &quot,blame the method&quot, – and how this can kill your dating life with women.

Rule #1 – The one thing you voorwaarde never do on your very first meeting with your online sweetie – and this will be the one step that ensures you get the 2nd date, and the third.

My ordinary 3-step prep project for the very first meeting with hier – what you voorwaarde do to waterput on the best very first impression.

How to raise your energy level and keep the right mental attitude for your date to create the highest level of attraction with hier.

How to have an endless stream of conversation on your online date.

How long your very first online date should be – if you overlook this rule, you’ll be losing attraction with hier and cut your chances of a 2nd date ter HALF.

My &quot,Stacking&quot, method for maximizing your time, and how to protect yourself from over-investing te any one woman.

How to &quot,turn on&quot, your social motor before you meet hier so that you give off a friendly and positive vibe.

How to avoid communicating the wrong message to hier that turns off women te minutes.

The nights of the week you voorwaarde never be going out on your online &quot,dates. &quot,

One thing you vereiste bring up te your conversation on your very first date with a woman to ensure that you avoid going into the &quot,friends only&quot, zone with hier.

How to end the very first date ter a way that practically assures you’ll get another date – and you’ll avoid &quot,creeping hier out&quot, ter the process.

My killer &quot,escape chute&quot, method for getting out of any bad date te just one minute.

And the best part is that all of the strategies and technologies I’m going to instruct you te this program can be used with ANY women you meet – from online, or caf and clubs, or daytime approaches.

You’ll learn all thesis tactics te just a quick hour. Thesis are field-tested and proven technics I use when I go out there and date women – and it gives you a tested blueprint for making the best impression on the very first date.

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