One of the most attractive features for a teacher is creating copies of the flamante document for each student.

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Google Classroom App Review Review

Google appeared spil a research project at Stanford University. That&rsquo,s why Google founders still keep that almost religious feeling towards education. Free Google Classroom service is a special adaptation of Google Apps (well, now G Suite is the name, but it sounds like some Compton rap spoed, so the fingers type the old name unwillingly) meant for education. The cloud services become integrated into a fresh construction suitable for educational purposes.

The sine qua non condition is your schoolgebouw or university being registered te the system. It&rsquo,s not so hard for today&rsquo,s schoolgebouw to get connected to the system.

Functionality Ten/Ten

But there’s one thing you need to know. Google Classroom is a project that requires both server and client parts. So you

can only use the app&rsquo,s potential if your schoolgebouw or other organization is using G Suite for Education spil a service. Then (if your login is approved by administrator) you can connect to it with your credentials. Otherwise the service will just decline your credential, telling you that your account is not a Google Classroom one, and you only wonder why you determined to download Google Classroom.

Well, if you get connected, the functionality depends on who you are: a schoolgebouw headmaster or a dean, a teacher or a student, or a pupil&rsquo,s parent. The app provides some access grades: the higher is the level, the broader and deeper is access.

A teacher at his/hier side can create fresh classes, add and eliminate students, publish materials for their group access, conduct audio and movie lectures. There may be an undefined access lecture that can be attended with anyone who has an invitation code. If you have this code, well, you&rsquo,re te, and all you need to do is download Google Classroom APK and join the class.

It takes seconds to create an assignment and add a geschreven description to it, maybe, add some linksaf to materials the students will need. However the form is limited, ter fact, it can contain many attachments and unlimited text te Description field, while even one verbinding may be enough.

Media materials and documents are lightly embedded into assignments. Thesis may be files from Google Drive, YouTube movies, or outward linksaf. One of the most attractive features for a teacher is creating copies of the diferente document for each student. It eases its checking for a teacher, on the student&rsquo,s side, all it takes is a click on a listig and a lump of work ter Google Docs.

There are also timetable and reminder features, notifications for the teacher when students turn te their works, view stats. Just like this, when a teacher checks and grades a student&rsquo,s work, a student gets notified of that. A student can view not only a grade, but also teacher&rsquo,s comment (if the teacher has left any).

Last but not least, there is also a horizontal student-to-student communication. Students don&rsquo,t have to exchange their indeed private gegevens to interact within their learning process.

Vormgeving Ten/Ten

Well, online education has never looked so attractive. The XX century children could only have dreamed of having all their homework to do te a portable notepad-sized device, let alone their mates list, instructions on how to do the work, inquiry materials accessible and so on. And now it&rsquo,s all organized ter one app with traditional material vormgeving you have already got used to with other mobile Google apps.

Tho’ Google Classroom app is a standalone one, ter fact it&rsquo,s based on already existing Google cloud services. Anyway, one doesn&rsquo,t have to know that to make use of it. The hierarchic structure of folders based on Google Drive is represented spil clear and logical classroom.

But all the services used te classroom activity are left behind a special shell addressing them directly. This visual shell unites all thesis activities ter lightly recognizable Google style.

The frontend app is available te most popular languages, and that is hard to overrate for an educational service.

Usability Ten/Ten

When it comes to learning, usability is a major priority. And Google developers have done their best to make the app effortless and clear for anyone, no matter who uses it: a student, a teacher or a headmaster. The app integrates all the features it needs from other Google services.

Just imagine what hell of a work it would be to treat all the students&rsquo, works by hand within Google Drive opstopping manager, and you&rsquo,ll realize the progress this app brings.

Cross-platform use 9/Ten

For now, wij can use Google Classroom for Android and iOS. But other toneelpodium users can use free web access with its total features. Ter fact, your toneelpodium doesn&rsquo,t matter. Even if you&rsquo,re a die-hard Windows Phone or BlackBerry fan, web access is still there.

In-app purchases

None. Wij have told that Google doesn&rsquo,t require any payment from educational organizations. It&rsquo,s not that &ldquo,education vereiste be free&rdquo, (anyway you have to pay for your devices and Internet access, for the commence). But it&rsquo,s certainly lighter to learn with such an assistant saving your efforts and providing more time left for other purposes.


Not only is Google paying its pudoroso debts to educational sphere. Google understands that education should be a bit more joy for students and a bit less abate for teachers. The app serves all of thesis purposes. There&rsquo,s even more: Google-based online classes are ready for transferring, localizing or scaling spil classes, with no need to reinvent them. Teachers can spil well exchange practice within Google network, students&rsquo, terugkoppeling gets more informative, and the headmasters have another contraption to check their work.


Google has made both teachers’ and students’ life lighter, with onveranderlijk connection, effortless homework and check implements, integrated with Google cloud services, so if your or your kids’ schoolgebouw or university is not connected, what are you waiting for?

Pros : Effortless for all training process participants,

Available te many languages,

Suitable for online classes.

Cons : Requires G Suite for Education account,

Registering your schoolgebouw te Google requires administrator rights ter your schoolgebouw domain, well, that’s not a student’s problem.

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