Thanks Rochelle.

From Mariann – Share Your dating story. Wij are accepting submissions. Find out details on our webstek which is lifebytesbook.

Undoubtedly not the email I wasgoed expecting. I thought he wasgoed not going to write mij … but evidently he did.

Crazy no, but you should take care spil there are many crazies out there, spil evidenced by the weird comment you received.

I think that 90% of the people that are on the dating sites are there for a reason. Poor social abilities. I wasgoed on a webpagina. and my abilities suck spil, just look at mij! Every single person that I met there had issues or baggage, except one and I am with hier today. Be CAREFUL is all I have to say or you may end up with a dweeb like mij.

My advice. Don’t do it. Maybe your circle of friends isn’t very big te existente life but inviting strangers into your huis via the web is not safe. Reminisce they can be whatever they want to be online and make you think they are volmaakt for you. Acts can only be played for so long before you see the verdadero person they are.

Well, on a different note, I met the love of my life on one of those sites. My middle daughter met hier hubby on the same webpagina. I don’t think meeting people online is any more dangerous than meeting them te caf or at church socials or through friends. Yes there are lots of people on those sites with poor social abilities but usually you figure that out with the very first email, and if not then, at the very first meeting.

Yes, I know there are a loterijlot of wackadoos out there. But, I am eternal optimist and don’t want to say that I did attempt a certain venue. I am cautious and I figure that if I cannot find my soul mate then if I can at least get a funny story out of it, then all the better!! Having a sense of humor helps for sure when dating!!

Oh mij too! I hope it happens for you too. It always comes around, usually when you least expect it! Good luck.

I, too, met my true love online. I dated several dudes from a personals webpagina before meeting my spouse, and disregarded, brushed off, and deleted many others. The fine thing about meeting people online is you can weed out the wackos, or just incompatibles, before being stuck on an awkward date with them.

Thanks Marelyn. You have to respect not publishing people’s picture without their consent.

And . If you feel like telling more of your story, you should submit it thru the webstek lifebytesbook (it is a .com) for an anthology book.

I also met my spouse on a dating webpagina. I published two hubs about my dating practice and how I met him. The very first few e-mails I got were all from weirdos wanting one thing, and I didn’t even bother to reaction them. I went looking a little outside the parameters I set, and found my love.

Lots of stuff is online now–and meeting online will proceed to get more popular te the future. It indeed depends on where you are from, spil far spil if it is accepted or considered ‘dangerous’ or not. More conservative areas have a tendency to distrust meeting online.

Since this person posted the same text spil a hub And ter a forum, and pointed people toward the same &quot,sharing&quot, link– I am wondering if this is a way of promoting a certain webpagina.

Not telling that is a bad thing. just wondering.

Ah! Fell for it–maybe–or something.

It actually is a paying gig for a book anthology:

Yeah, it’s ok to ask.

They did not seem to be pushy, just looking for rente te their subject.

Thanks Rochelle. It is legit. I am actually learning the difference inbetween the hub and forum for this novice to the webpagina. Just dreamed to ongezouten people to the webstek if they have a story and give them the chance to earn an anthology toverfee and credit if their story is chosen. But, I am anxious to understand how people percieve internet dating and get a feeling to see if people have a positive or negative view of it. Interesting to see the polar opposite views here. I attempted it but met no one and am wondering if it is just a sea of serial daters. Albeit a friend ter IL met hier hubby that way. So, I will hold onto hope I think 🙂

I’ve done my share of online dating. The last online vensterluik date I went on I got from a individual postbode I waterput on Craigslist. I ended up dating the dude for overheen a year. Wij aren’t together anymore but remain good friends. He’s my work-out friend now.

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