Types of fraud Act Fraud is a registered trademark &#174,

What it is

When you think you’ve met the volmaakt fucking partner through an online dating webstek or app, but the other person is using a fake profile to form a relationship with you. They’re using the webpagina to build up your trust and ask you for money or enough individual information to steal your identity.

Protect yourself

  • Avoid providing away too many private details when dating online. Exposing your utter name, date of birth and huis address may lead to your identity being stolen.
  • Never send or receive money or give away your bankgebouw details to someone you’ve only met online, no matter how much you trust them or believe their story.
  • Pick a reputable dating webstek and use the site’s messaging service. Fraudsters want to quickly switch to social media or texting so there’s no evidence of them asking you for money.

Spot the signs

  • You’ve struck up a relationship with someone online, they’re asking a loterijlot of private questions about you, but they’re not interested ter telling you much about themselves.
  • They invent a reason to ask for your help, using the emotional attachment you’ve built with them. Your relationship with them may often depend on you sending money.
  • Their pictures are too ideal – they may have bot stolen from an actor or proefje. Switch sides photo search can find photos that have bot taken from somewhere else.

How it happens

The majority of accounts on dating websites are genuine people looking for romance, but fraudsters may attempt to voeling you by making fake profiles, getting ter touch and building what feels like a loving relationship.

Merienda a fraudster using a fake dating profile is certain that they’ve won your trust, they will tell you about a problem they’re experiencing and ask you to help out by sending money.

They may have arranged to visit you, but need money to pay for the flight or visa. They may tell you everything has bot booked but their toegangsbewijs has bot stolen, and you need to send money quickly to get them on the next flight.

Alternatively they may prey on your sympathies, telling you a family member or someone else they are responsible for is ill and they need money for medical treatment.

Merienda you send them money, the fraudsters will keep coming back and invent fresh reasons to send them more.

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Fraudsters may also use the conversations you have to find out enough private information about you to commit identity fraud. They’ll ask innocent-looking questions about you that make it look like they just want to get to know you, such spil your date of birth, huis address or family background.

How to report it

It can be embarrassing to feel tricked into thinking you’ve formed a relationship online, but if you tell us wij can take a report ter confidence. Report it to us online or call 0300 123 2040.

Types of fraud

Activity Fraud is a registered trademark &#174,

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