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So I met a boy at university, let&rsquo,s call him X. X and I had developed a fine friendship and would talk frequently overheen text until X got the. Read More

by Cleopxtra – Jan 14, 05:11 PM

“Insert Clever Title Here”

So, I’m not sure if this counts spil a date. The go after up text I received said it wasgoed. However, I paid the total $155 + tax for my toegangsbewijs to. Read More

by AllStar123 – Feb 7, 08:58 PM

A few years ago I went to a fresh friends place and got buzzed with him and a few friends. He spent most of the night hitting on mij and the other. Read More

by Jane Fish – Jan Five, 11:42 AM

50 Shades of Awkward

A duo years ago, I opted to attempt the online dating toneel because of my busy career. I joined the popular dating sites (OkCupid & Slew of. Read More

by rcf92416 – Aug Four, Ten:51 AM

so my beau lives out of town, and he got to come huis for the weekend. it just so happened that my family wasgoed out of town that weekend. you. Read More

by dancegirl5lem – Jul 23, 11:Nineteen AM

Okay so I went out with this fellow twice, merienda at night. The night wasgoed good ! I like this stud but then on the daytime date everything went south. Read More

by Kaychat – Jun 30, 01:32 AM

A Man Who Smelled Like Goulash

Okay, so I met him online. He looked attractive te his picture, like your ideal Italian hunk. And he wasgoed authentically Italian! Born te Italy, and. Read More

by CharmingFool – Mar Two, 11:41 PM

It wasn’t even supposed to be a date!

So, I had just commenced at a fresh job. I had bot divorced for a little while, and honestly don’t even think I wasgoed dating again yet. At this brand. Read More

by mermaiden – Feb 8, 12:15 PM

Not a Total Waste of Time. Well, Almost.

I spotted his profile and he seemed very clean cut so I responded. His picture did look like he got style tips from Carlton from &quot,The Prince of. Read More

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