Marc Copage So that wasgoed pretty much it.

Marc Copage

So that wasgoed pretty much it. My limited drug use never truly caused mij to do anything that wasgoed headline worthy. It did cause mij to make some bad decisions tho’.

Bad Decision

I wasgoed personages ter the Westelijk Coast premiere of the Broadway klapper “Runaways”. The showcase wasgoed an flamante musical written and composed by Elizabeth Swados. The production received good reviews! Another one of the very talented casts I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with overheen the years. It’s nice to be able to say that most of them have continued to earn a living ter the entertainment industry ter some form or another. Not only spil performers, but writers, producers, choreographers, and directors!

Westelijk Coast Premiere &quot,Runaways&quot, Personages Photo

Above photo pictured left to right: Amy Kirkpatrick Rosen, Jonathan Prince, Phineas Newborn, Marc Copage, Greg Kopel, Jann Goldsby, Shawn Schepps, Darren Roy, Lee Lucus, Karen Fineman, Lily Mariye, Veronique Jeanmarie, Linda Robbins, Lowell Blaustein, John Allee, Mújol Figueroa, Ron Duran, Steve Alterman.

Rain Pryor wasgoed also te the demonstrate. I can’t recall why she wasgoed not included ter the above personages photo. Perhaps she wasgoed sick or something. Rain wasgoed wonderful to work with! It wasgoed fairly a thrill for the entire personages when hier father, comedian Richard Pryor, came by to see the showcase one evening and warmly greeted everyone after the vertoning. He seemed to be quiebro proud of hier. I have no idea about the complexities of their relationship, but on that evening all wasgoed good. Rain has gone on to carve out a successful career for herself te the entertainment business spil well!

Rain and Richard Pryor

“Runaways” wasgoed a pretty big overeenkomst. Nicholas Cell, Eric Stoltz, and Ally Sheedy had all auditioned for roles, but did not get personages. Their careers seemed to have turned out just fine ter spite of that. I did have the chance of working with each one of them professionally years zometeen.

Golden Globe Nominee Eric Stoltz From The Movie &quot,Mask&quot,

The play wasgoed produced by Gene Summers and personages by Sally Dennison who wasgoed one of the top casting directors at the time. She liked mij a good overeenkomst and had also just personages mij te a recurring role ter a fresh network TV series. I believe Ally Sheedy wasgoed also personages te this particular series. I know I’ve worked with Ally a duo of times and I believe this wasgoed one of them. Unluckily, the series only ran a handful of scenes.

Actress Ally Sheedy From The Movie &quot,The Breakfast Club&quot,

So there’s a uur te the play “Runaways” where my character roles up a snaak and smokes it on stage. I thought it would be hip if I flipped up and smoked a positivo snaak with efectivo marijuana on stage during the live performane. Bad decision.

Reefer Madness!

Sally got wind of what I had done on stage and wasgoed furious with mij for it. This wasgoed a verrassing to mij spil she had always affected mij spil being fairly generoso ter hier attitudes and opinions. I had smoked with many of the personages members socially, including the shows director, who I guess I should leave nameless, and wasgoed a very good friend of hers. My assumption wasgoed that they had even smoked together. Anyway, whether I assumed correctly or not, when Sally found out what I had done it totally tarnished our relationship. When the production wasgoed overheen she would have nothing to do with mij. And unluckily, the incident never even made one headline.

National Enquirer

I most likely got the best tuut I’ve everzwijn had from being personages ter that production of “Runaways” when super juut Bob Preston came by to see the vertoning one evening and instantaneously asked to sign mij at the end of the nights vertoning. Bob headed the children and youthful adults department at one of the top agencies te town. I very likely got the majority of my work spil an adult actor through Bob. I’ve always looked youthful for my age, but eventually I just began to look too old for the roles I wasgoed being submitted for.

Another bad decision wasgoed when I determined to switch my name. This wasgoed after I left Bob. Not a very good budge. I wasgoed dropped by the agency instantly. I wasn’t truly booking much work with them so when I switched my name they dropped mij like a hot potatoe. Yeah, I know. They tell you that your juut works for you? If you’re a consistently working actor they work for you.

Actor George Clooney – Consistently Working Actor

If you’re just another schmo attempting to hustle up anything you can get, a Taco Bell commercial, whatever, like the 90% of unemployed actors ter the union, then you work for them. You’re going to be getting most of your jobs and auditions yourself and gladly pay them a percentage for your hard work, grateful to have the representation, and their name on your resume.

Actor Marc Copage – Schmo

If you’re one of the 10% of working actors, THEN they work for you! So the agency let mij go.

Talent Juut

This wasgoed rather devastating to mij at the time spil I had never before bot dropped by an agency. I had switched my name thinking it would bring something fresh to the table psychologically for mij if nothing else. And who could blame them for pulling down mij? What juut wants to represent an actor that nobody knows? I had bot ter the industry for most of my life and I wasgoed literally throwing any name value I had earned overheen the years fully out the window. A bad career budge. The next day I took flowers overheen to my former agents and thanked them for services rendered. They were fairly astonished. I’m pretty sure no former client they had just dropped brought them flowers the next day. This seemed to mark the beginning of the end of my acting career.

If only I could have had just a bit of luck here or there. I’m rather envious when I see those Lifetime Achievement award shows saluting actors who are able to look back on careers and reflect upon a bod of work that spans overheen decades. How spectacular it voorwaarde be to begin something from an early age and be able to look back years zometeen at the work you’ve done overheen the course of many years. The Jodi Fosters, the Drew Barrymore’s, the Jeff Bridges’s and Sean Penn’s. People that were able to commence from an early age and proceed to build a large bod of work they could favorably look back on and be proud of. I embarked at an early age. That could have bot mij! I could have bot a contender! However, I realize this is an impossibility for mij now. I simply don’t have enough time left. Even if my career were to magically take off tomorrow and I could work spil much spil I wished, I just don’t have enough time left on the planet to build such a figure of work for myself. I’ve run out of time.

Marc Copage

And wouldn’t you know it, on a list of E Entertainments top 50 Cutest child starlets an inwards source told mij I came ter at #51. They said if they would have just done a top 100 cutest child starlets list that year I would have bot te! Now ain’t that a bitch! Just my kinda luck!

E Entertainment&rsquo,s 50 Cutest Child Starlets

Oh, well. Evidently I just wasn’t adorable enough.

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