Two. If your man has a lock on his phone than it’s a crimson flag.

So what happened? Where did it all go wrong? Your Rente still seems to stay strong but his seem to be the total opposite. You’re attempting to figure out mysteries that almost seem unlikely to solve.Is It you? Is it because you build up some reserve weight that made him turned off by you or maybe it’s because you don’t please him ter bedding spil well spil you thought you were doing. Ladies believe mij when I say this, “It is so much deeper than your flaws (you are beautiful!!).” It’s just that your heart sees everything that your eyes reject to believe. Wij just choose to disregard it. So I’ve came up with some scripts that can give you some hints that your man could be having a secret affair on you. I’ve even mentioned some of the trickiest ones that usually sometimes goes unnoticed…..


It is so many ways that a fellow can use a cell phone to cheat on you.Believe it or not ladies (and I know some fellows are actually going to hate mij for airing this out but) if you wasgoed to see a long distant number te some cases it doesn’t even have to be a distant number on your man’s cell phone, don’t automatically think it’s a bill collector. Okay. Because anyone can make a call with their private cell phone while using someone else’s number (androids) to vertoning up on the person that they are contacting caller’s ID. It could actually be the other female that is calling your man but using either a business number or maybe even HIS MOTHER ‘S NUMBER. So if you toebijten to see a entire loterijlot of strange business or relatives numbers te which you know that he don’t indeed talk to all the time on a daily fundament than thesis could be crimson flags.(which leads mij ter to my next one)

1. Believe it or not sometimes he will actually have the female number that he is cheating on you with listed right te his phone under his contacts… (yup that’s right), Now, he’s not going to use hier name directly (of course not) but he will use it under a relatives name, or one of his masculine friends name, or even a bill collector name that he is lounging about just to throw you off. So if you are reading your boy’s text and it is inbetween him and a relative (or masculine friend) and they are not talking about things that family or masculine friends shouldn’t truly be talking about than that’s a crimson flag!

Two. If your man has a lock on his phone than it’s a crimson flag. If you guys are te a committed relationship and you’re actually te love with each other than it shouldn’t be no type of locks on anybody’s phone because if you’re not doing anything whatsoever than what is it to hide right!

Trio. If your man keeps his phone up under him all the time, meaning if the phone is always te his pocket, or always somewhere near him like when he takes a shower , or if he sleeps with the phone underneath his cushion etc. (than my friend thesis are Crimson Flags) Basically if him and his phone can never seem to be bijzonder it’s not because he loves the device so much that he don’t want scrapes on it or he’s afraid to lose it, it’s simply because this dude is hiding something that he doesn’t’ obviously want you to find out about.

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