Fresh Channel Four dating voorstelling Naked Attraction sees Wolverhampton DJ ter the nude – Birmingham Live

Wolverhampton DJ Darryl is among those choosing on Channel Four voorstelling based purely on looks

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  • 15:45, 1 AUG
  • Updated 08:48, Two AUG
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Witness the trailer for Naked Attraction above

It’s the daring fresh dating showcase that starts where good dates might end – downright naked.

Channel 4’s Naked Attraction is pushing the boundaries of the traditional dating voorstelling by having single people choose a potential date from six people standing before them entirely ter the nude.

And ter the tonight’s scene, one of those doing the choosing is a Wolverhampton DJ.

It certainly takes Vensterluik Date and Take Mij Out to another level. But then viewers have already seen couples having hook-up on Love Island, so producers have to go even further with their concepts.

It’s not just for the nosey, however. Channel Four keuze it’s a scientific proefneming to see whether or not wij can rely on our primal instincts to find a suitable fucking partner.

A spokesman says: “For thousands of years, finding a mate wasgoed a decision based solely on raw primitive attraction and animal magnetism, but overheen time social and cultural shifts have eroded our capability to depend on this.

“Now our choices are influenced by peripheral factors such spil dress sense and occupation.

“But some evolutionary psychologists and sexual scientists believe that our bods alone may still project the best information for us to select a successful playmate.

“While we’re socially conditioned not to judge people on their looks, could reversing the dating process and judging someone purely on their naked form actually suggest us the best chance of finding a mate?”

So the people ter each scene – one man and one woman – picking a date have nothing else to go on except the six naked figures te vuurlijn of them ter the studio. They don’t even see their faces at very first.

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Spil the demonstrate progresses, the singletons reject those with a physique they are not attracted to. They also unwrap off themselves.

Ter the gig on August 1, one of the contestants is DJ Darryl from Wolverhampton. He’s used to eyeing women all dressed up ter clubs, but will unwrapping everything back help him to meet Ms Right?

The series is introduced by Anna Richardson, who grew up ter Abbots Bromley near Rugeley te Staffordshire.

She says of Naked Attraction: “It’s is so different from anything else that’s out there on TV, and for mij, spil a presenter, I want to do three things – have a indeed good laugh, do something of note, or do something of notoriety.

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“For mij, this ticks all three boxes. It’s plucky and it’s out there. I see it spil a very positive and body-affirming, and life-affirming, showcase.

“It wasn’t difficult to find contributors, which astonished mij because my very first thought wasgoed ‘Who on earth would go on national television naked?’.

“But lots of people said they were sick of online dating and found this amazingly liberating.

“Other people just dreamed to meet someone who wasgoed adventurous and you can’t get much more adventurous than appearing on a naked TV demonstrate!

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“I made it absolutely clear right from the beginning that I wasgoed totally not doing a Keith Chegwin and presenting te the nude. I admire everyone that went on spil I wouldn’t have the nuts to do it myself.

“By the end I am the only clothed person ter pui of the camera but no-one felt awkward. They all sort of left behind.

“And what wasgoed terribly uplifting wasgoed the nobody everzwijn said anything negative about another person’s assets. I think wij can all learn from that, to be a bit kinder.”

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