Play the “Rubdown Message” spel with hier while watching a movie or something.

How to say &quot,I Love You&quot,

The Very first Time “I Love You’s”

You want to tell your gf you Love hier right? But it’s your very first time to say it to hier and you want hier to recall the very first time forever. So she can think back straks te the years how much you loved hier by how you told hier the very first time. You want to be sweet and different, not like how any other man might have told hier before. Well here are a few idea’s from a woman’s point of view that might get you embarked.

  1. Dump paint “I love You” te the vuurlijn yard facing hier house. (Don’t light the words on fire because that would take longer to get the yard back into it’s natural state.) Then call hier cell and tell hier something to make hier walk out into the pui yard. For example “Who threw all that stuff out into your yard?” or “What’s that sign say that’s te your yard?” think of anything to get hier keester outside. Don’t worry however, spil the grass grows the paint will too, then when it gets mowed it will be gone. But everyday spil she walks out to go somewhere she will be reminded that you love hier until it does get mowed. Then even after that she may still think to herself “Recall when (your name) painted I Love Youon my gevelbreedte lawn. aww how sweet..I love him so much.
  2. Go into hier toilet when she isn’t around to notice. On little slithers of paper write out “I Love You.” Slip them into jeans or suits, anything with pockets. When she puts something on and goes across the day she will find them whenever she searches hier pockets. More than likely she will call you and talk about ho sweet that wasgoed and say “I Love

You too.” You will most likely get Kudos points spil well because that is something a damsel wants to brag about and make all the other women jealous that their husbands or beau’s don’t do.

  • While she is ter the shower steaming up those mirrors and all sneak ter with out hier knowing of your presence and quickly trace the words ” I Love You” into the mirror. Slip out and wait. When she gets out that will be pretty hard to miss. Fortunate for you she is already naked and fresh and clean and smelling delicious with hier moist, dewy, fresh-out- the-shower skin.
  • When she isn’t looking, hide a card under the cushions of the couch. Write a sweet poem using your own words or something that you might have just googled. At the end just tell hier how you bot wanting to tell hier that of course..You love hier. Then leave. After you had left the premises, such spil a drive around the block or so, give hier a call and say something like, “Stunner, I think my wallet, see, something fell ter inbetween the couch cushions can you check for mij?” When she finds it she will think how clever and sweet that wasgoed. Pull back up and give hier a smooch.
  • Make a date. A dinner date at a nice restaurant but don’t rail together. Have hier meet you there and think you’re late. Text hier and tell hier you’re stuck ter traffic and you’re getting there spil rapid spil you can to go sit at the folder and have a drink and wait for you. Truth is you just paid some boy like $Ten bucks to go sit next to hier. Have this man talk to hier about this loser ter a (whatever color T-shirt your wearing)that he just met te the guys’s slagroom freaking out because he is ter love with a chick he is meeting there tonight and how he wants to tell hier he loves hier for the very first time. Then he can do some signal notifying you its all bot said by raising his glass or something. That’s when you come strolling out the bathroom. He will say something like “Hectare, That’s the dork right now.” She will turn and look and see you te that (Whatever color T-shirt you’re wearing) and think she were ter a fairytale. Observe hier light up.
  • Play the “Rubdown Message” spel with hier while watching a movie or something. “Hey honey, attempt to guess what I’m spelling out with my fingers.” Have hier lay on hier tummy and trace petite things very first till she gets the string up of it. Spell out things like “Hello” or “pretty Lady.” Then stir your words up a notch and spell out “I Love You.” She will most likely roll onto hier back and ask “Truly?” or “I love you too.”
  • Ask hier if you can have something mailed to you at hier address. When she accepts,write “I Love You” on a lump of printing paper. Fold it and mail it. When it gets there she will most likely call you and tell you it had arrived. When she does say, “Alright! Stunner open it and give mij the code quick!” When she opens it and reads it out noisy say something funny like “Aw Honey, I Love You too!”
  • There are so many ways you can make a lady reminisce the very first time you tell them you love them. But make it one she wants to brag about for the surplus of hier life. Be llamativo if none of thesis “How To’s” work for you. It’s too effortless.

    Life is too brief to just accept a regular, plain, and regular relationship. Make hers the Best.

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