When I met my gf she didn – t smoke pot, now she – s a pot head

When I met my gf she didn’t smoke pot, now she’s a pot head. What do I do?

Speak to hier like an adult. When you do, don’t speak spil if you are better than hier or reprimanding hier. Ask hier to help you to understand what is going on. Merienda the ice is violated, explain that you know she does not want to you or herself but you are worried.

Most significant thing is to make it about hier, not you.

I hate to say this, but if you fight this she will just hide it. There is a ample pot smoking movement out there. It would be a bad thing to force this punt to much, I know. The best way to overeenkomst this is to keep telling hier how this does not make you comfy with things. But te the end it may just be something you have to overeenkomst with or lose hier over…..

End the relationship, she is not fair and uses drugs. Wake up!

RUN. spil prompt spil you can away from hier. I know its a shame but she is fated. Save yourself.

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