Why is it so difficult for a woman overheen 30 to find a fellow who wants to commit to them?

Why studs don’t want to commit?

Here’s the major problem with women te their thirties…

1 – Too Much Pressure

I wasgoed just talking a few minutes ago with a woman ter hier late thirties te a dating app. Yes, I sometimes use thesis sleazy apps. I hardly know this woman and all unexpected she asks mij:

“What are you looking for?”

I say it depends on the woman ter question. I very first need to know a woman before I determine if I want to have something more serious with hier. Why waterput things like they were white or black? Casual or serious relationship?

Why not let time determine?

For mij, it doesn’t make sense to think that way. It puts way too much pressure on myself and on the person you meet.

However, she instantaneously replied, “I am only looking for a serious relationship. I want to get married and have kids. I am not looking for flirts.”

Don’t you think a reply like that instantly scares most dudes off? Of course, it does!

I value my freedom and this woman seems like she wants to cut my nutsack off and chain mij to wall like I wasgoed hier well trained dog.

I can imagine after two months te relationship she telling, “- Let’s make babies tonight. ” and I am like a little nice boy, “- Okay honey, your desires are my commands…” Lol, yeah right!

I’d say that’s one of the major problems with women ter their thirties. They don’t want to meet (such spil detect a man and leisurely build a relationship) guys, instead they want to rush everything and quickly find a man to provide and procreate.

Just too much fucking pressure from the get-go!

I know from the beginning this woman only has one very rigorous vision. I don’t know hier, fuck I don’t even know if I want to go on a date with hier. Actually, I don’t want to go on a date with hier.

I much choose to go with a junior woman ter hier mid or late twenties and not feel such pressure. Not feel like I am submitting to some kleintje of job vraaggesprek. Where she’ll be asking on our very first date, how much I earn for a living? How many kids I want to have with hier? What are my plans te the next Five years?

Too much fucking pressure! Hush! Just hush!

Two – Haven’t Took Good Care Of Themselves

They spent their teenage and adult years treating themselves like crap. Now they are te their thirties some are overweight, look older than they should from their bad habits etc.

On contrary, I am getraind, I don’t smoke and eat healthy. Actually, most people assume I am 25 years old despite the fact I am 33.

So why on earth would I date a woman who doesn’t take good care of herself? I am not asking more than what I am or do. On contrary, I want a woman who has the same standards spil mine.

Unluckily, many women te their thirties are badly preserved. Look… I find women well preserved ter their thirties sexier than women te their twenties. I love women who look like women.

Three – Already Have Baggage

I met yesterday a woman with already two kids. I don’t have kids and injecting ter a relationship with this woman means: I instantly have two kids and time to time, hier annoying ex pissing mij off.

Too much stress!

(I didn’t include this point ter my llamativo postbode) –

But this is certainly very significant – there’s certainly a power swift inbetween studs and women ter their thirties. When I wasgoed around my twenties I wasgoed literally ghosted by women. I don’t blame them. I wasgoed very timid, insecure and indecisive. All the qualities that women often find very attractive te a man.

Here’s a good movie I found explaining this:

Now te my thirties, I know ideally well what I want from my life, my finances are becoming better and better. I actually never had so many women checking mij out te my entire life – there’s a reason why almost every masculine hook-up symbol is +/-35 years old.

So if a woman te hier thirties isn’t well waterput together that means: she’s healthy and has a good personality. Darn… wij are so elementary! See I only mentioned two qualities. I didn’t even talk about how much money a woman earns – I don’t care about that, and I think most dudes don’t either.

She could work te a supermarket for all I care.

However, if she isn’t well waterput together spent the last decade smoking like a chimney, has a shallow personality, then she will have a tremendously hard time meeting a man ter hier thirties with his shit waterput together.

Why? Because a man te his thirties has slew of choice with women – especially if he’s proactive – and for this reason, he can lightly date junior women.

Women shouldn’t blame fellows for doing this. Spil I didn’t blame women ter my early twenties for not desiring mij.

Ter the end, wij are all opportunists and attempt to grab the best overeenkomst wij can find.

Why Fellows Choose Junior Women?

So that’s why fellows choose junior women. You feel less pressured to get married, have kids etc… you can date a woman for several years and things leisurely escalate or not.

Isn’t a date far more joy when there isn’t any pressure? When you go to a date and the only thing there is mutual curiosity? Rather than where will wij be te the next Five years? Shit I don’t even know where I’ll be tomorrow! I might even be dead for all I know.

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