But the point wasgoed, they have bot dating few months, like I said, few times.

Some friends telling mij that some of guys they have bot dating lately are not calling them back or never pick up the phone or never knock on their onderbrak anymore. What toebijten?

I will understand if it’s only brief time period of meet up or One Night Stand (I hope I’m permitted to say that here).

But the dating have bot going for few months.

Are those guys being a chicken who have no dare to say something to the women? Or they just like to play &quot,hide and seek&quot,? Or maybe they had the intention for doing it at the very first place because they already married, engage, but they need another women to fulfill their needs without having any obligation to pay them spil a hooker. So the only way wasgoed DATING THE WOMEN!

Only guys? (Not that it’s everzwijn happened to mij )

The generalized problem you’ve noticed is all about the methodology for which Man forms reasoning for engaging Women. They have a different zakagenda than the women, for the most part.

Thank you for your explanation. But sometimes those guys are not playing their games ter the very first place. Spil I told earlier they have bot dating for few months and then he disappeared without a trace. It’s not a quick connection at the very first place. That’s the point on this thread.

But, my point wasgoed that their intentions can be read before you get to that point. Yes, there are lots of studs who carry on a relationship, for their own means, and then leave women high and dry with no explanation. The same user ‘type’ guys are demonstrable and can be stopped ter their tracks.

Any way, I will display this postbode to some of my female friends so they can be aware of this kwestie.

Thanks again for your help.

nothing to say here.

one of the things that makes most relationship to come to an end is spil a result of pre marital hook-up. the fact is merienda a man get into you he gets tired of you.

It’s that toebijten all the time. And do you think that women can do the same to guys, without them blaming women spil a biotch or any bad picture. If not, what a unfair for women then.

Reasons: Talent it up too soon thinking it would seal the overeenkomst and you played yourself. (doesn’t respect you or thinks you’re effortless or he knows he didn’t earn it and your believed all the b.s. he dished out so you aren’t very bright to be considered long term)

He wasn’t feeling you

You came off desperate. I’ve known women that have a date and by the mornning they have already sent the boy Trio messages and called. They don’t let the man feel them or check to see if the attractioin wasgoed mutual.

He just didn’t like you

He is dating someone else who’s more compatible or he likes their company more (luck of the draw)

He’s te a relationship and didn’t tell you.

I can’t address the &quot,leavers&quot, spil I’ve bot married 25 years and with my wifey since HS but I know that a lotsbestemming of guys are just after &quot,the prize&quot, and merienda they get it – they budge on. Which is a good thing. I’d say don’t care and good riddence if they leave early. They did you a auxilio. Stay true to yourself and don’t give &quot,the prize&quot, out until you are sure this person is truly interested ter you, all of you – not just the physical. I know the draw of physical can be strong and one nights stands are fine I guess (I’ve never done one) spil long spil both parties understand it and no one gets hurt. Be truthful, don’t play games and just listen to that voice te your head – the cautious one! If they dude is good, he’ll stick around and you’ll be all the better for it.

Very few are genuine and trustable.

Is that because guys would never get any consequences if they are doing it? Like they would never get pregnant, they would even called spil a cool fellow because they could foolish lots of women, or maybe they will feel blessed because they could do &quot,such things&quot, without any obligation to pay or even responsible for anything??

I did fail to mention that I am an ahole too and yes some of that success wasgoed due to hier sticking by mij. The main success wasgoed that there wasgoed enough efectivo unconditional love to get us overheen the bumps.

I would suggest that your friends begin looking for boys ter different places. What’s that thing that they say about doing the same thing overheen again and expecting different results, it’s insanity. I hear this alot from my female friends and even on ladies here on Hubpages, and after some careful examination the culprit usually becomes apparent. Most women become locked into a certain type of stud. There are usually some minor variations on this but the theme remains the same and the outcome is usually the same.

The World is ter a rush

The point ter this case wasgoed not how to find a fellow, it’s most likely happened before the dating period going. But the point wasgoed, they have bot dating few months, like I said, few times. So it’s not a very first flirting or introducing inbetween Two strangers anymore. At least ter that time period of dating they have bot talking a loterijlot and I’m sure some of them are getting to know each other. Even if the boy eventually ended by thinking it would work, but I think it would be fair enough if those guys telling the women the truth. I just don’t agree by being &quot,chicken&quot, or acting like someone who has no manner and respect to others. That’s all.

But thanks anyway for the input.

I think you missed the point, if you don’t want to find yourself ter the situation you describe then it is significant that you are careful te the kleuter of fellow you meet and commence a relationship with. Thesis things don’t just toebijten overnight and spil Cagsil alluded to there are always signs. Guys don’t just switch overnight and if you indeed think that how it embarks has no bearing on how it finishes you’re lounging to yourself. Beyond guys being fair, women need to be fair with themselves about the character and intentions of the stud their with. I hear so many of you talk about not trusting dudes and their sweet words yet every time you fall for it again, who’s to blame then? Embark taking a little responsibility for your own relationship choices and you’ll zekering being disappointed, by BS and slick talking. I’ve yet to meet any woman who said afterward that there weren’t signs and little nagging issues that they questioned about the stud they were with. So either they witnessed the signs but refused to face facts because they didn’t want to be alone or they are lounging and are truly clueless, which one is it?

Ok, so ter the other word I could say that, guys might not feel gezond with that relationship after few times dating and just left, but women wouldn’t take that spil a sign that he is not the right one for hier, like you said : women might lie or too vensterluik to see the sign. It could be toebijten. Sometimes one side feel gezond, but the other side don’t. That make sense. But I think it would be better if both party telling the truth to each other no matter it would be bad or good news. It’s about the respect of the very first embark. Begin te a good way, and ended with a good way too.

I tell my daughter, if the man is more interested te taking your clothes off, throw him out. Hier brothers will also let the stud know, ‘don’t mess with my sister.’

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