Comparison of Snapfish and Shutterfly Photo Printing

Both Snapfish and Shutterfly are photo printing services. They print photographs on photo paper and suggest a multiplicity of other items. They both begin with an S and have bubbles te their logo. Are there any differences te their services?

I recently had photos printed from both services. I had come back from a visit with overseas relatives and had taken photos of their family photos. I wished prints to share with my brothers who had not made the tour, and to ask for help ter identifying all of the people ter the photos. I very first found an offerande for 25 free prints from Shutterfly, and chose some photos for it. Then I found an suggest for penny prints for up to 300 photographs from Snapfish. I printed almost all of my photos with it, including the 25 prints that I had printed through Shutterfly.

This talent mij a fine ondergrond of comparison since the same photographs were printed by two different companies ter a relatively brief time span.

Shutterfly, Inc.

Shutterfly, Inc. (SFY) is a corporation based te Redwood City, California. It wasgoed incorporated te Delaware ter 1999. Ter their SEC filing, this is how they describe their business: “Wij are an Internet-based social expression and individual publishing service that enables consumers to share, print and preserve their memories by leveraging our technology, manufacturing, web-design and merchandising capabilities. Our vision is to make the world a better place by helping people share life’s joy.”


Snapfish is a web based photo printing service based te San Francisco, California. It opened ter 2000, and wasgoed bought out by Hewlett Packard te 2005. The photos are printed and mailed by the company to the customer’s huis. Besides prints, they suggest a number of other photo printing services. The printing order can also be sent to a particular DuaneReade, Meijer, Walgreens, or Walmart.

Opening An Account

Both sites require you to open an account with them. This is where you will store your photos. The process of opening an account wasgoed quick and effortless for both of them. You need to inject your name and your e-mail address, and create a password for the webpagina. I recommend you check yes for the option to get on the mailing list, so you can find out about their specials.

Uploading Photos

Snapfish also permits the option to get the photos from Flickr or Facebook, but since I didn’t want to waterput my relatives’ photos there, I uploaded my photos directly to the online photo developing sites. The time to upload will depend on their server but also on your internet connection, and other things that are going on ter the background on your laptop. While I did not time them, both of them did take a while to stream the photos. You can choose to upload them at a smaller resolution which is helpful when you are only getting petite prints.

I desired to geyser them at the current resolution so that I could also request other projects such spil books and calendars so it did take longer.

The process for both the services wasgoed quick and effortless. Simply choose the photos you want to print and upload them by following the effortless steps on the webpagina.

Ter order to save time te the uploading and choosing photos to print, I recommend that you place all the photos you want to print ter one folder, and budge them spil a group. Otherwise you will waste time uploading photos you don’t want to print, and have to spend reserve time to choose which ones you print.

Ordering Prints

Ordering prints from both sites is also quick and effortless. Just check which photos you want printed, and submit your order. The icons for the photos are fairly petite, so I recommend knowing ahead of time which photos you want to print, especially if they are similar to each other.

A Note About Facet Ratio

Are you wondering why the photos from a digital camera need to be cropped? The standard cuadrilongo photo print sizes (Trio x Five, Four x 6, Five x 7, 8 x Ten) are based on traditional 35mm cameras which used a Three:Two opzicht ratio. That’s the relation inbetween the height and width of the photo. Today’s digital cameras, however, since they were originally developed for use on rekentuig screens. use a Four:Trio ratio, which is closer to a square than the standard ratio. Since wij are used to the older standards, and our photo albums and frames proceed to use the old sizes, the digital photos need to be cropped or padded to getraind those measurements.

Since my digital camera does not take photos that gezond lightly into a standard photo size, both services automatically cropped off slivers of the photos to make them getraind, and permitted mij the option to adjust the crop. For most of my photos, this wasgoed not an punt, since this area wound up being a background anyway, but it wasgoed frustrating when the photos were close-ups. Also since thesis are older photos, sometimes something that is ter the missing sliver might hold a clue to more accurately dating or identifying the details of the photo.

On Snapfish, you can choose from matte or glossy. You can print the photos spil they are, or choose from white ripped, white skinny or black lean borders. It automatically crops each photo to gezond the size. The preview option lets you edit the crop. You can choose from Four x 6, Five x 7, and 8 x Ten spil sizes for each of the prints. Merienda I had placed my order, Snapfish talent mij a choice to print a slightly smaller size of my photos which would permit mij to display the entire photo without any cropping. It would have kept the crops for the photos that I had by hand adjusted during the order phase. I wish they had suggested this option earlier, before I made all the manual adjustments on many of my 300 photographs.

Shutterfly also automatically cropped each photo to getraind the size. It suggested a choice of using the entire photo with padding around it. It suggested wallet size prints te addition to the Four” x 6″, Five” x 7″, and 8″ x Ten” sizes. There were no border options, but you could choose from glossy or matte. When you preview the photo, and click on adjust cropping, it tells you how large you can print the photo.

Shutterfly Shipping Prices

Snapfish Shipping Fees

Ship to Store

Both of thesis companies opoffering an option to ship your order to a almacĂ©n drug or department store. You may think that this would be less expensive. After all, they wouldn’t have to pay for shipping, since the photos could be printed at the store. Not so. I have found that it is more expensive to send the order to a store than for it to be shipped directly to you. If you need the prints right away, go directly to the store instead of through Snapfish or Shutterfly.

Prices and Shipping

The regular price of the Four x 6 prints for Shutterfly is 12 cents each, and Snapfish is 9 cents each. I find the regular prices for both of thesis services finta expensive, especially since you also have to pay for shipping. However, you don’t everzwijn have to pay the regular price if you don’t want to, since both of the companies routinely offerande sales of their printing services. It is not uncommon to receive offers for prints that are only one cent each, or even free.

Please note that “free” doesn’t truly mean free te this case, since you will still have to pay for shipping and treating for every order regardless of the price of the prints. You have to look for the fine print. Te fact, the very first time I received such an offerande, it did not have any fine print about shipping and treating, even however I fully expected it to be there. When I created my order, I could see ter the shopping cart that I wasgoed expected to pay it. I sent an email to the company to complain about the false advertising, but only received a form letterteken telling mij to look at the fine print.

Ter this case, it is best to expect to pay the shipping and treating and be astonished if you don’t have to. I choose to know the prices ahead of time so I can compare them before taking the time to download the photos. The shipping fees are for both Snapfish are listed te one of the little linksaf at the bottom of the webstek, so you do have to look for them. Shutterfly no longer provides a list of shipping costs.

Snapfish offers 20 free prints for very first time customers, and you can prepay for your prints for 8 cents each. Regular price is 9 cents for each Four x 6 print. When purchasing items from Snapfish, be sure to look at their special offers at are available on the huis pagina.

Shutterfly offers 50 free prints for fresh members, and you can prepay for your prints for 9 cents each. Their regular price is 15 cents for each Four x 6 print.

The shipping fees are tiered based on the number of prints ordered for both companies. The regular shipping fees are shown on the photos above. Both companies also offerande expedited shipping services. Don’t leave behind that sales tax will also be added to the order.

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