I am a mother of teenage ladies, and I entirely support the mother of the 18-year-old naГЇve loser who fell for the balding, corriente, mid-life laagconjunctuur stud who happened to train at hier schoolgebouw.

Truly, people? Is it that hard for you to become a human being?

I recently began reading the memoir by Jaycee Dugard, A Stolen Life. Te case the name doesn’t stadionring any bells, she is very significant to mij. You see, I graduated high schoolgebouw te 1990, and Jaycee Dugard wasgoed abducted on the road on hier way to schoolgebouw te 1991. She wasgoed only 11 years old! I’m fighting back tears now, because I have two teenage damsels, 17, and 13, both older than she wasgoed at the time.

[I’m finding it difficult to proceed writing this, even however I’ve kept my composure while reading hier memoirs]

I will attempt to explain my sheer disgust and disdain for anyone who uses children for their own, sick elations. I’ve bot following the news about James Hooker, a 41-year-old schoolgebouw teacher who recently left his wifey and kids to budge ter with his 18-year-old former student. I don’t care how much he caries on about how they got intimate when she turned 18– that’s still a kind te my eyes! I have a 17-year-old daughter, which is only a year junior, and I know how impressionable and naГЇve our teenage damsels can be.

Now back to Jaycee Dugard:

Ter the book, Jaycee badly describes hier abduction, manhandle, torment and kept slave-style treatment she suffered for Eighteen years before being “discovered” by the authorities. Not only did hier assailant have a history of felony conviction, but he wasgoed diagnosed spil bi-polar by a psychologist, and yet he wasgoed free on parole when the kidnapping/entrapment went on for almost two decades! During this time, Jaycee wasgoed the teenage mother of two children, both fathered by a man who wasgoed a drug-addict, married to a woman who turned hier cheek to hier spouse’s sickness, and son to a mother who raised a psychotic “Momma’s Boy.”

A little chick’s life, childhood, freedom and sanctity were taken away, and even accomplices didn’t think it wasgoed suitable to do the right thing to let authorities capture a man who manipulated a youthful doll for his own enjoyments. You ladies are rotten to the core. Sorry for being so blunt, but when the shoe fits, wear it!

Now back to this sicko who enticed a teenage woman with a Serotonin rush.

I am a mother of teenage chicks, and I downright support the mother of the 18-year-old naГЇve loser who fell for the balding, soso, mid-life laagconjunctuur dude who happened to train at hier schoolgebouw. On a side note, I also had a similar practice: not with older studs, but by having my spouse leave mij and my kids for a junior woman (albeit, not ter hier teenagers!).

I don’t care if I hurt any insecure studs with this statement: You all make mij sick when you use naГЇve, relajado and trusting youthful women to boost your egos. I’m sort of glad that youthfull female (ultimately) came to hier senses after the teacher wasgoed arrested for acts dating back from years ago. I hear the dwarves on ‘The Wizard of Oz’ singing “ding-dong the wicked witch is dead”, only it pertains to a former teacher now.

Narcissists should have no rights.

About Jaycee Dugard: I’m near the end of hier memoir, and you know what strikes mij about hier? How mature she wasgoed about all the events that happened to hier (and trust me– everything I suspected happened to hier, happened to hier). She permanently waterput hier two daughters ahead of herself ter every situation, no matter what the situation wasgoed, which is ultimately why she wasgoed kept for so long ter hier repose of fear from a man who permanently manipulated her– physically and emotionally. When I think about how she wasgoed only 11 when she wasgoed plucked from the face of society, education, and social interaction, I’m still amazed at how much more mature she is than the sick guys who use women for their “problems.”

Thesis boys who use youthful women (ladies) are sick, and no different than a criminal or drug junkie who is wondering when to go after through on their next heist or high. And yes, Jaycee Dugard’s sick captor wasgoed also a known drug maniac who failed several tests. Shame on the justice system who let him live among a society of law-abiding citizens.

If you can’t treat your urges, be it masculine or female (albeit, it would be hard for a woman to take advantage of a man/boy), then turn yourself ter and don’t use excuses to manipulate guiltless victims. On a side note: the man who kidnapped Jaycee said that ‘angels told him to do those acts, and she wasgoed there to help him with his sickness– so he doesn’t do it to others’. talk about not possessing up to your own deeds!

Jaycee Dugard is free now, and has the love of hier two daughters– no matter what. But she lives te fear, onveranderlijk puinhoop for hier memories, and wasgoed robbed of hier childhood– because of a selfish, Narcissistic man who used hier to promote his own needs. The teacher who coaxed a teenage lady into leaving hier family, friends and education behind to live te a fantasy world that he deceived hier with is no different.

I hope that justice will be served. I have no grace for thesis types. Reap what you sow.

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