From having bad teeth not looking like your picture, this list is a voorwaarde read for any gay man!

How to Seduce a Straight Boy te 8 Effortless Steps

by jamadeus Three years ago

Seducing a straight man is lighter than you might think.

Lezzie Symbol: Black Triangle

by India Arnold Five years ago

There is an unfortunate connection inbetween lesbo symbolism and the Carca concentration camps. Why the sapphic community uses the black triangle spil a symbol of recognition gets answered here. Also, find a number of other symbols used by this community.

There’s No Such Thing spil Guiltless Cuddling: How Two &quot,Straight&quot, Ladies Fell ter Love

by Meghan Hubert Three years ago

A universal love story that tells the tale of two women finding themselves, through each other. An fair peek into the fluidity of sexiness and identity.

My Father, The Transsexual

by Laura Izett 7 months ago

My parents were married Eighteen years. Several of those years my mom wasgoed a diehard housewife to the core, even when it meant accepting my father’s crossdressing. I wasgoed youthful enough to think it wasgoed just a spel when my dad played dress-up.

Libra and Virginidad te a Lesbo Relationship

by iruletheworld 8 years ago

Are you a Libra who is ter a relationship with a Himen? Or maybe a Himen dating a Libra but not sure if you want to take the next step? I am a Libra who is married to a Himen. Wij have bot together Two.Five years this month and I think I&rsquo,ve learned.

Living With Katie

by minka 8 years ago

I’ve only bot married Eighteen brief years. Raising Trio children, working, living, breathing, loving, existing ter the same space spil my spouse for Legitimate entire years and I never imagined merienda that he wasgoed a woman trapped ter a man’s figure. That is until he.

LGBT People–Irrational Prejudice, Fears and Bigotry Still Abound

by Liz Elias Two years ago

What does &quot,LGBT&quot, mean? LGBT folks suffer all kinds of fights both internal and outer. Let’s shine a little light on where the Positivo problems exist.

Ten Very first Date Overeenkomst Breakers for Gay Dudes

by John Hollywood 8 months ago

Detect the Ten very first date behaviors that will make another gay dude druppel you like a hot potato! From having bad teeth not looking like your picture, this list is a voorwaarde read for any gay man!

Gaydar Secrets

by Jason Menayan 7 years ago

What are the signs and signals you should be looking for to see if someone’s gay or lesbo? It takes some practice to fine-tune gaydar, but thesis tips and tricks should help you suss out &quot,members of the family&quot, from their heterosexual brethren. Have joy!

Straight Man Tricked by a Tranny on a Hookup

by John Hollywood Two years ago

Chicago man wasgoed wasgoed shocked to find out his Tinder hookup wasgoed not a woman. He is now stepping forward to warn other straight fellows to be careful when looking for a carnal connection on smartphones

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