Of course, less valuable music can still be sold for a high price if the collector is willing to pay for it.

If you have a ‘treasure trove’ of old music, it may be less valuable than you expect.

Last week I wasgoed cleaning out my piano bench and came across a stack of old sheet music that wij had taken from my great-grandmother’s house when she died. Looking at the faded artwork on the slightly worn covers, I thought to myself, &quot,This could be worth something!&quot, So began a mad search into the value of antique sheet music. A fruitless search, I might add, spil I discovered that most old sheet music has more sentimental than contempor├íneo value.

Most sheet music, according to the Antiques Roadshow Insider, is valuable only to the person collecting it. Less than five procent of sheet music is worth more than a few dollars, according to one dealer interviewed ter the article. What this means for collectors is that they can collect a loterijlot of music without cracking their budget. What it means for sellers it that they’ll likely never get rich selling old sheet music.

However, some antique sheet music is worth more than the usual $2-$Ten. Examples include ET Paull covers done by the A. Hoen Company, covers of infrequent comic book characters, and transportation themed songs (thesis can and do sell for upwards of $100). Of course, less valuable music can still be sold for a high price if the collector is willing to pay for it. Other factors that affect the price of old sheet music are the graphics, composer, condition, and scarcity. For an antique chunk to sell at a higher price, it vereiste have all of thesis factors te its amparo. For example, an enormously zonderling lump of music might only sell for a few dollars if it is te terrible condition. Or an ET Paull voorkant may be worth very little if it is fairly common.

Still wondering if my sheet music could indeed be worth so little, I turned to the online auction giant, Ebay, to test the information I had garnered. Sure enough, most of the old music wasgoed under $Ten. The music that cost more turned out to be either several lumps sold together, a book, or the occasional uncommon voorkant.

Albeit somewhat disappointed, I determined that my old sheet music wasgoed still valuable, if only ter a purely sentimental sense. For those who are considering collecting sheet music, it could be a excellent hobby that doesn’t cost too much. Just don’t expect your collection to be worth any more than you paid for it.

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