At what point does flirting become more than just flirting?

At what point does flirting become more than just flirting?

I guess this can only relate to the physical. If wij are just flirting wij are using our eyes, voices and perhaps the slighest of touches. Merienda wij go beyond that it becomes something else. I believe all humans geflirt, but some are better at it than others. There is a line however and if wij cross it wij begin a pyhsical relationship.

I am most certainly a major geflirt. Something well-known to the masculine side of my family. I don’t think the significant women te my life everzwijn read too much into it because they just know how I am. I see it more spil normal conversation and the occasional joke.

Nothing should be read into it unless it becomes a physical relationship or if he and she see eachother more than just the &quot,every now and again.&quot, Something could then be up to no good.

&quot,Flirting&quot, is nothing more than (testing the waters) to see if there is a chance something could develop. If you are overlooked or slok down you can always chaulk it up spil &quot,playing’.

&quot,I can’t believe you thought I wasgoed serious!&quot, hectare hectare hectare

And before you know it you’re telling things like, &quot,Wij didn’t project this&quot, or &quot,One thing led to another &quot,

One day you find yourselves goofing off with each other or laughing about something and your eyes connect. Someone leans ter for a smooch. etc

I agree with some of the other comments, but at the same time, why even bother to geflirt if that is all that is intended? Flirting typically is an indicator that the desire or ultimate purpose goes much further than just te the eye or the mind, the attitude is what is key. Intention is the voort. Flirting is the intiation of intention.

You’ve received some superb answers, and I’m not sure I can add much, but I don’t believe flirting is always ‘testing the waters’ for a love affair. It can also be an acknowledgement or acceptance of friendship or just a mooipraterij. An guiltless flirter may just be attempting to make the flirtee (is that a word?) feel good, and it is often only that.

Obviously you would not geflirt with someone you didn’t like and think attractive. Flirting will be taken spil an insult if you are ingenuous. You wouldn’t ‘test the waters’ with the ugly or stupid fellow/lady ter the slagroom (unless you’re desperate). That’s what makes flirting a mooipraterij.

When the flirter and flirtee exceed the friendship/vleierij line, it crosses the plutonic barrier. If you can’t define that line for both yourself and your flirtee, it is best to not geflirt at all, unless you actually are ‘testing the waters’.

It crosses the line from innocence the uur the flirter clearly understands he/she is attracted beyond friendship and resumes flirting. That is the definition of ‘testing the waters’. If both you and your flirtee are single and uncommitted, there is nothing wrong with that, and hopefully the water’s warm.

There are two places all flirting is inappropriate, at work and anywhere your better half is present. Virginal or not, it will assuredly lead to problems, with one exception. A salesperson will sometimes geflirt with a uitzicht to maintain rente te the proposal. Usually it is clearly understood spil a gesture, and is not a serious attempt to ‘test the waters’, albeit I know of many instances where the technology hugely backfired. Even trained salespeople can’t always define the line correctly. Hook-up sells, but not always.

Flirting is an American pastime. There should be an organized National Association of Flirters (NAF) with contests, trophies, and giant audiences. Opps, except for the organizational name, there already is one, the circunscrito singles folder.

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