GTA Five is dead, long live GTA Online

By Matt Martin, Wednesday, 23 September 13:04 GMT

Two year’s straks, Online is now the default GTA spel spil the single-player desire dies.

When Rockstar announced Freemode Events earlier this month for GTA Online it wasgoed received with praise from the community. At last, live events that don’t require waiting te lobbies or staring at loading screens for minutes at a time. Anyone who’s played a significant amount of GTA Online will understand the anguish of suffering Rockstar’s technical boundaries.

Ter theory wij can now explosion into a session and take part te challenges and objectives, teaming up or going utter rampage to come out on top of the bloody heap. The reality isn’t fairly spil slick, but it’s certainly an improvement and an attempt by Rockstar to fix its long-running problems.

But behind the goodwill shield of a fresh update came confirmation of three switches to the Grand Theft Coche series that drew a line under its past and set a precident for the future.

Firstly, Rockstar confirmed that the entire innovador GTA Five team who worked on the single player spel are now all working on GTA Online.

Spil a result, GTA Online is Rockstar’s priority. Albeit it never specifically said there won’t be any single-player story DLC, that looks to be the case. There won’t be GTA Five’s version of the Ballad of Gay Tony or The Lost and the Damned. Merienda promised spil a “substantial” update, the stories of Michael, Trevor and Franklin seem to be overheen.

Secondly, Rockstar waterput an end to updates on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of GTA Online. The plaster wasgoed ripped off quickly – those Freemode Events wij were excited for only appeared on PC, Xbox One and PS4 last week. I wouldn’t count against the occasional holiday update, but themed DLC such spil the High Life and Ill-Gotten Gains updates aren’t happening on last-gen. You’re getting no more love.

And spil a third deep-throat, you won’t be getting any fresh Heists, either. None of us should be astonished at that considering how Rockstar has said on numerous occasions how hard they were to create.

And so this month, Grand Theft Utilitario has eventually, fully transitioned into the spel it’s bot morphing into since GTA Online very first released. The spel that launched spil Grand Theft Wagen Five with a premie online mode is done. Grand Theft Automaat: Online is the future of the series, and to play it you get a verzekeringspremie single-player spel. GTA Online isn’t a spin-off Grand Theft Coche anymore. It is Grand Theft Wagen.

“GTA Online isn’t a spin-off Grand Theft Utilitario anymore. It is Grand Theft Utilitario.”

(Rockstar has always bot a big paramour of the single-player practice, and I’m sure at some point te the far future there will be more storytelling te a giant city, but GTA 6 is years off. The next story-based spel from them is likely to be something Read Dead related.)

Grand Theft Coche is now an ever-growing online world, where Rockstar isn’t afraid to proceed to reinvent and switch the spel on a regular onderstel. Like Bungie’s Fate, it’s a downright different spel to the one that launched years ago. Freemode Events request a live response, with on-the-fly problem solving and shaky alliances or enorme Mexican stand-offs. It’s the opposite of the epic Heists, which require communication, programma and careful timing. Those two updates – one long-promised, the other an evolution of games players’ made up for themselves – have taken GTA further this year than any other content.

There’s still the classic jobs, where puny groups team-up for ten minute robbing sprees. And the chilled out sports, contrasting with the ever-hectic deathmatch variations. GTA Online is still a place where car meets toebijten on a weekend. It’s numerous games ter one giant city, where you can pretty much find whatever you came for. What’s your name? What everzwijn you want it to be, honey.

Switch is always good. After two years Rockstar is still looking at its own spel and figuring out how to twist it, to redesign it. It’s not afraid to stir on, to let go of its former glories and reshape the living, breathing city of Los Santos. And neither are the players. It’s thesis switches that keep us coming back for more, that leave us greedy for the next update, whatever that may be. Because ter GTA wij trust.

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