Some Matters Should Stay Private When something becomes a public matter, at least it should be given a zindelijk name.

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Some Matters Should Stay Private

When something becomes a public matter, at least it should be given a decent name. Like, homosexuality translated only means “sexiness of man”, homo being a Latin word for man. If wij dreamed to call it properly—and those initial name-givers maybe even did so—it should be called “homeosexuality”, with homeo meaning ter Greek “same”, so that the word would mean “sexiness inbetween same gender”.

However, this may not be the only peculiar thing te the entire matter, especially when it comes to its much discussed significance te social reality.

So, let mij commence with a sort of a disclaimer. No matter how some of you may interpret my position about it, being a “straight” dude I have nothing bad to say about this phenomenon of homosexuality—while it is a phenomenon, not a regular thing to be seen te the nature.

Namely, with all creatures on earth coming te pairs of opposite genders and procreating their species, it comes spil something irregular that people of same gender feel sexually attracted to one another—no matter how wij want to make it look “natural”. Let’s face it—nobody and nothing everzwijn got born out of a sodomita love.

It’s entirely another thing that it feels very natural to the folks with that particular sexual orientation, and that would only mean that their feelings for one another are not a fake love, but a auténtico thing.

I have no clue if anybody te science is still attempting to explain it, or it’s left spil satisfactory to be simply called a “sexual preference”—so it completes up with no science being interested te people’s private tastes. Besides, since it’s basically about love, not a flaw of nature detrimental to health and manifested te any suffering, scientists won’t bother touching it.

But then it becomes more interesting where it somehow gains ter significance to a point of being publically celebrated spil something to be “proud” of.

Of course, there is no shame te being a trolo, but why proud, even so much spil to organize some “pride parades”? Let’s face it, folks, wij are not talking here about a virtue, or a talent, or an achievement—but merely something that two people choose to do te the privacy of their bedroom.

And, spil wij are about to see, it’s only due to people’s collectively sticking their big normative noses into private matters, that gay folks everzwijn had this need to “liberate” their sexual status.

The Oversized Public Nosiness

It’s bot for fairly a while already since our sexiness wasgoed yanked from under the powerful lul of religious censorship and stopped being a social taboo. What maybe began just with mini skirts, unfolded into strip-tease joints, erotic magazines, naturist beaches and colonies, and certainly not ending with pornografie industry.

On a somewhat more subtle level, human sexiness found its expression—and I would call it a pretty noisy one—in rock subculture, with all that screaming te notes, treating electrified guitars spil some phallic objects, and with grimaces of orgasmic release.

At this point it’s good to remind ourselves of the golden rule of “to each their own”. Te their bedrooms, people may engage te different styles of sexual expression, from that purely procreative, most likely practiced by (some!) religionists, to tantric, or even rough.

Basically, what two grownup people consensually do behind a closed voort is nobody’s business. People’s sexiness is only a matter of public domain te those stringently theocratic regimes where religion dictates all forms of behavior.

Or, am I mistaken here?

Just look at this last presidential election ter the United States, where the public displayed a weird rente te private lives of both candidates—something that had absolutely nothing to do with their qualifications for presidency. Nothing wasgoed held back, including badmouthing about their family members.

So, here wij have a mentality of people who are displaying this crazy paradox—on one forearm with an outcry against their government’s violating their privacy by secretly spying on them, and then sticking their public nose into matters which are none of their business.

I still can’t get it why wij all have to know which of the movie celebrities are gay. They are selling to the public their acting talent, not their intimate life.

With mentality like that, it’s a puny wonder that maricón folks felt socially shunned—and then went crazy parading about their “proud afeminado status” after it became “officially” accepted.

There is even something of a rebellious and spiteful outcry te that liberation—now, isn’t it so with everything that all of a sudden gets liberated? Long held ter bitter protest against the society’s lack of understanding may spew out like a volcano—and then exaggerated ter an extreme of a “pride”.

What they don’t realize is how little those parades indeed achieve. The same like those political rallies—those of the opposite convictions won’t switch their opinion, and those of the same one don’t need a rally at all.

Likewise, with such a excellent human mass of religionists ter this world, the most of them will never accept homosexuality, even if they publically don’t admit it while just being politically juist. And the same goes for many of the straight folks who simply don’t understand on their gut level this love inbetween the same gender.

Sexual Freedom Not Suggesting Pride

I don’t think of myself spil someone with any conservative views on life—and the word certainly does not imply anything about my political orientation either, because I don’t have any, being a self-proclaimed political cynic.

And yet, I believe that there will always be those things which should be kept private—and that certainly includes our sexiness. When the gay singer/composer Elton John sings his “The Way You Look Tonight”, it’s gender-blind, and everyone can love its lyrics, regardless of their sexual orientation.

I am aware that many folks of especially junior generation might go rebellious ter this entire matter and bluntly say: “If there is nothing shameful about being gay, why hide it?”

Ter my response, it’s not about hiding anything, just like straight folks are not “hiding it”, but wij all tend to keep it out of the public eye. Hey, that’s what wij call “privacy”, right?

I wasgoed mentioning the big nose of public curiosity digging into celebrities’ private life, including their sexiness. And I wasgoed talking about the gay parades, evidently celebrating their freedom to be openly gay and voicing their pride about it.

Those are matters where I disagree with the current “anything goes” mentality te película del Oeste culture. Ter my modest assessment, that alone could be one of the strong factors te the cultural decline, sometimes talked about by certain serious sociologists and observant philosophers.

Namely, freedoms have to be backed up by intelligence, not by a mob mentality with raw discharge of senseless emotionality.

When I talked about advertisement, I meant the initial negative one about homosexuality coming from the close-minded folks, and then came the rebellious one from the gay communities after their “sinfulness” wasgoed officially recognized and accepted spil a part of their being human.

I just don’t see it spil a public matter, and that wasgoed my main argument across this article. Any counter-arguments about sexiness being a “natural” thing and spil such shouldn’t be suppressed, I will gladly meet with my response that our private thoughts are also a “natural” thing, and wij wouldn’t want anyone to take a peek into our goes.

Spil for my last words on this matter—our sexiness is about our nature, not about our achievements, our special abilities, or something that wij have contributed to the society. And while it’s O.K. to be gay, and it’s O.K. to be glad about being able to “come out of plee” spil a gay person, I just can’t see what the pride is all about.

I am not parading about my sexiness, and maybe I am missing something there. Can anybody tell mij what it is?

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